Because the United States is a melting pot of cultures and diverse populations, we are able to tend to the innovative, inclusive, and progressive ideas that keep us at the forefront of many fields of business and technology. Therefore, it is important to learn how to foster diverse workplaces and to encourage cultural sensitivity in our daily lives. Approved Colleges advocates learning how to work effectively and efficiently in a diverse workplace by offering the following courses: Cultural Diversity, Diversity and Individual Differences, Managing Diversity, and Workplace Diversity. These courses all aim to  help individuals, such as human resources managers, use best practices associated with cultivating a welcoming, all-inclusive, and sensitive workplace.

The Cultural Diversity course covers the merits of having a variety of culturally diverse workers and how that may contribute to the competitiveness and success of an organization. An aim of this course is to help employers and employees identify and implement practices that promote an inclusive and productive workplace. This includes creating company policies that combat discrimination.

The Diversity and Individual Differences course explains what “diversity” encompasses and what makes people different from one another. The main focus of this course is on surface diversity and differences. These differences include gender, age, race, physical disabilities, and ethnicity. This course also brings up the idea of “deep-level diversities,” which include agreeableness, extroversion, and emotional stability. Methods of assessing this kind of diversity are briefly covered during this course.

Workplace Diversity focuses on the basics of what a diverse workplace looks like and how it is evolving. Topics such as hiring practices and the ability to create a diverse workplace by hiring employees who represent a variety of demographics are covered in this course. The idea of affirmative action is discussed, as well.

The Managing Diversity course is specifically intended for managers and human resources managers. The Managing Diversity course focuses on principles and methods of diversity management and training, as well as diversity practices. Human resources managers who complete this course will learn how to manage a diversity program and how to meet the needs of a diverse workplace.

Promoting and maintaining a culturally sensitive and diverse workplace should be done holistically. Managers and human resources managers should plan an active role in fostering an all-inclusive and sensitive environment. These professionals are responsible for identifying the needs of their employees and helping them to feel confident and welcome in their place of work. Approved Colleges offers the aforementioned courses in order to help managers with this endeavor. Though the wage gaps between white men and everyone else have been narrowing over the last 40 years, organizations can still help to promote diverse and encouraging environments. If America is indeed a melting pot, then we’re all in it together. We should learn how to work together to achieve the best kinds of success and innovation.

Contributed by S.E. Curtis