Human resources management is constantly changing and growing. This field can be simply described as the management of the workforce of a company or organization. Human resources managers and specialists have responsibilities such as acquiring, interviewing and training new employees, as well as fostering a sense of community and culture for the organization. In addition to traditional education and training in the form of higher education degrees, human resources managers must keep up with the latest trends in their field and continue to update and implement relevant skills and knowledge that directly apply to their position.

Approved Colleges offers human resources managers and specialists courses that will update these skills, prepare students for examination and discuss other strategies concerning this field. The Human Resources Management course addresses the current trends and challenges that affect human resources in today’s business climate. Subjects such as labor relations, promoting safety and health in an HR environment, benefits and rewards systems, and how to foster, encourage and organize a diverse workforce. In addition to these topics, at the end of an individual’s course of study they may be eligible to take a certification exam through the HR Certification Institute. An individual’s eligibility is based on their professional experience and level of education. Professional HR managers who are looking for more in-depth training for their certification or re-certification exams can take the Human Resources Exam Prep course, also offered by Approved Colleges. This course focuses on federal legislation related to the practice of human resources, the code of ethics related to HR and other topics that are relevant to the exam.

If an HR manager is looking to diversify their skills and knowledge in the field, Approved Colleges also offers the course Spanish for Human Resources. This course focuses on teaching vocabulary and Spanish language skills regarding occupations, employee characteristics and the basics of how to hire an individual and explain the occupation to them in Spanish. The Human Resources Planning course emphasizes planning and organization skills that are helpful to these kinds of positions. An aim of this course is to help HR managers implement best practices concerning facilitating production and successful work ethic.

The acts of hiring, training and rewarding employees, as well as fostering healthy work environments, are the core responsibilities of a human resources manager. Trends and advancements in human resources are always moving forward; therefore, professionals who work in HR must keep abreast of this constantly evolving field. Approved Colleges aims to make that task easier by offering courses that focus on the basics of this subject, its current trends and diverse ways of approaching it as a field and occupation.

Contributed by S.E. Curtis